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At St. Augustine School, the pursuit of academic excellence is inextricably linked to the practice of our Christian faith and our service to others. It's founded on a partnership between home, school and community. Our standards must be high, our teachers committed to excellence and our parents working with us in this great task of helping our children do their very best.

We know this philosophy works because it opens doors of opportunity. Our graduating students win acceptance at all high schools in Vancouver, including the most competitive programs.


We know it works because feedback from school administrators is of high praise for our students’ work and study habits. Formal provincial government student academic assessments have also consistently placed St. Augustine in the top five percent of all schools in British Columbia.


We know it works because we see students graduating from St. Augustine with confidence and discipline that they can overcome obstacles, and who are prepared to work hard for personal achievement and community service. We see children filled with optimism and faith.

We also know it works because for the past 15 years, more families have wanted to send their children to St. Augustine than we have been able to accommodate.

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