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Parish Education Committee

As a Catholic School in the Archdiocese of Vancouver, St. Augustine School is governed by the educational policies and guidelines of the Catholic Independent Schools Vancouver Achdiocese (CISVA). CISVA requires that each school have a Parish Education Committee (PEC) that governs the school on its behalf.  Parents of St. Augustine students delegate responsibility for their children’s Catholic education to CISVA.  The PEC is responsible for governing the school and overseeing its activities on behalf of CISVA in accordance with CISVA’s policies and procedures.  

Members of the PEC are parishioners elected by members of St. Augustine Parish or appointed by the Pastor.  The PEC works with the Pastor and the Principal to ensure the successful running of our school. The PEC’s responsibilities include setting and managing the school’s budget, managing the school’s parent participation program, overseeing building maintenance and site improvements, long-term strategic planning, hiring of teachers with the support of CISVA’s Superintendent’s Office and in consultation with the Principal, and liaising with CISVA and the Federation of Independent Schools Association (FISA). The administrative and business functions of the PEC are carried out within the Church’s mission to “build and proclaim the Kingdom of God.” A full description of PEC responsibilities and corresponding policies is available here


Chair:                                Irene Hensel
Vice Chair:                        Joseph Meehan 
​Treasurer:                        Dan Roberts
Secretary:                         Jane McCarney
​CISVA Delegate:              Fok-Shuen Leung
​Parent Participation:      Rebecca Cleary
Maintenance:                  Ed Furlan
Transportation*:             Cristina Valentinuzzi


Pastor:                                   Fr. Ignacy Warias, OMI
Principal:                               Michael Yaptinchay
Teacher Representative:     Donna O'Hara

*Additional member authorized by CISVA letter of permission.

PEC Meetings and Meeting Minutes
The PEC generally meets between August and June on the third Wednesday of the month at the school. The meetings run for approximately 2 hours and PEC members share a meal.  

Parents and St. Augustine parishioners are welcome to attend meetings except for any portion of the meeting designated as in camera.  Prior to attending, please email to confirm the meeting date and time as adjustments are occasionally made to accommodate school holidays and schedules.  Guests should plan to make their own meal arrangements.  

If you would like to speak during a PEC meeting, CISVA Policy requires that you make a written request 7 days in advance of a meeting.  Requests to speak should be directed to the Chairperson at

Meeting minutes are available for viewing in the School office.  Please contact the office to arrange a time to view the minutes.

PEC Elections
Every Spring, eligible parishioners are invited to consider seeking election to the PEC by way of announcement in the Parish bulletin. 

Elections to the PEC are governed by CISVA Policy 107 and those interested in learning more should carefully review those policies and contact the PEC with any questions. Nomination forms are available between March and early May by contacting the PEC or a member of the PEC Nominations Committee as advertised in the Parish bulletin. The Pastor may seek to meet with prospective nominees and must sign off on any nomination before the nomination period closes.  An election is held on the last Sunday of May if there are more interested people than spots available. 


When parishioners allow their name to stand for election or appointment to a PEC, they are agreeing to adhere to the responsibilities and expectations of the PEC Committee Member and CISVA’s Policies and Procedures. They must conduct themselves in a way that will foster collaboration and Christian community and put into practice the philosophy of Catholic education.  CISVA Policy 110 sets out the responsibilities of the PEC and individual members of the PEC and should be reviewed prior to seeking nomination for the PEC.  All PEC Members are required to sign a Statement of Commitment confirming their agreement to act in accordance with Policy 110.

Contact the PEC
You may contact the PEC Chairperson directly by emailing  Alternatively, you may leave a message at the School Office and request a call back from a PEC member.

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