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Fast Facts

Total Donations & Pledges  $14, 156, 974 

Number of Donors                1391
Number of Gifts                     5978

*Faith & Foundation Funds are held in a separate Parish/Archdiocesan account strictly for the purpose of building a new school at St. Augustine’s.

Help Us Finish Our School

What is Pass the Torch?

The campaign to rebuild our school remains as strong today as it was when we started nearly 23 years ago.  Pass the Torch is our signature annual gala event to raise funds to keep our campaign alive and to grow our building fund.  

Our school families and parishioners continue to be incredibly generous.  Last fall, we eliminated our debt from the first two phases! Now we’re able to set our sights on the final phase of our building project to replace our gymnasium, playground and other amenities.

Parents and parishioners before us gave wholeheartedly and unselfishly to build a school that many of their children would never attend, giving back in gratitude for all that St Augustine’s school and community provided to them. We continue to follow in their footsteps.


If you would like to make a monetary donation, please, visit our Fund a need page (coming soon).

If you wish to make a contribution as a corporate sponsor or wish to donate an item, gift certificate or service to be included in the auction, please, email us at

Thank you for your Generosity!

Contact Information

For specific event information, please contact us at:

Ticket Sales:


For General information, you may email us directly at




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