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Mandatory Traffic Supervision Requirement

Parents are required to complete six (6) traffic supervision shifts during the school year in order to fulfill their volunteer requirement.  This task requires parents to assist with directing traffic in the laneway and along West 8th Avenue during morning drop off and afternoon pick up. 

In addition, parents are required to watch the traffic safety video and will receive 0.25 hours participation credit for watching the video (up to .5 hours per family).  

Traffic supervision is a mandatory part of the volunteer requirement because of its importance in enhancing traffic safety around the school during morning drop off and pick up.  These shifts can be difficult for many of our parents to fulfill, because the times often interfere with busy work and personal schedules.  To ensure that there are enough volunteers in the mornings and afternoons, the PEC made the decision several years ago to make traffic supervision a mandatory requirement for each family to fulfill as part of the participation requirement. 

To assist parents in registering for their traffic supervision tasks and to foster collegiality among families, we assign each grade a month of the school year to complete the traffic supervision task.  Families are encouraged to volunteer for these shifts during the month(s) assigned to their child’s grade, although they may complete the requirement at any time during the school year.  The schedule is set every year in September and varies according to the timing of Spring and Christmas Break.  The grade 7 class typically starts the year in September and then each class follows behind, ending with Kindergarten in June.

Each grade has an assigned parent volunteer who acts as a traffic supervision coordinator for their grade.  You can expect to receive emails from your class’ traffic supervision coordinator to remind you to sign up for your shifts.

Before commencing your traffic supervision shift, volunteers are required to:

1) Read the St. Augustine School Traffic Safety Guidelines & Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures. 


2) Watch the Traffic Safety Video below:

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