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As in any great adventure, it’s good to have a guide. This is yours.

Right here, you’ll find much of the information you and your child need to experience St. Augustine to the fullest. Make sure you attend the Opening Parent Meeting held in the first week of school because all the rest of the year’s  information and specific Grade-level details are provided then.

Faith is our greatest gift. We invite you to join in our school functions, particularly our liturgical celebrations. Living faith, as an example to your children, is the gift you give to them. Our children grow up knowing of God’s immense love for them through the teachings of parents and teachers alike.


  • Be on time.

  • Be prepared.

  • Do your best.

  • Respect yourself and others.

  • 08:30 school day begins

  • 10:30 recess

  • 12:15 lunch and recess

  • 1:00 pm all classes back in session

  • 3:00 pm Dismissal (2:00 pm on Wednesdays)


Please use the absence link on the front page to send an e-mail, phone in, or send a note with a sibling in the event your child will be absent from school. We’ll need a note the next day, with reasons for the absenteeism, signed by you if you choose this option. If the absence runs for more than four days, we need a doctor’s note as well.



Please check in with the office when you arrive for a visit.


Full procedures are explained here:

Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures
Pick Up 

If you’re sending someone to pick up your children, please inform the office. Students are expected to leave the school directly after dismissal.


Please plan your family vacations during school holidays. It’s disruptive to students, teachers and classes when children take vacation during regular school times.  Make-up work for time away outside of standard ‘non-school’ days is not provided by the teachers.


This is an integral part of our learning process for many reasons.

  • Children get the chance to share their growing knowledge with parents.

  • They learn time management.

  • They practice basic learning skills.

  • It reinforces the lessons taught in the classroom.

  • In intermediate grades, the children review daily work, complete projects and prepare 
    for tests.

Primary children are assigned approximately 20 minutes of home study per day. Intermediate students receive 30 to 60 minutes per day.




St. Augustine's School students are expected to wear the approved school uniform at all times. The uniform expectations can be found here:

St. Augustine School Uniform

Rugby pants, jogging suits, jean jackets and other casual wear are not acceptable as part of the school uniform. Pins and badges are not allowed on the school uniform, other than the school crest. Girls may wear simple hair bands, barrettes only (blue/black/white). Jewellery of any kind is highly discouraged for simplicity, safety and security.


For the 2021-2022 school year, a reminder to ALL parents that children in ALL grades (K-7) are expected to wear their PE strip (gym shirt and gym shorts) on the days they have PE.  Thank you for respecting that ONLY spirit wear items can be worn in conjunction with the gym shirt and gym shorts on colder days.  Students can mix and match items, but they must be school-issued (ie. with school logo).  No outside athletic wear will be permitted.  


Uniform information is made available at the end of each year. 

Monthly inspections will be held to ensure all are complying with the uniform code.


For any enquiries, or to make any appointments, call the school secretary Heidi Battiston at 
604 731-8024, or email the office at

If you have a specific concern, we ask that you address the proper person in an honest and direct way. In keeping with the lessons we teach the children, we seek to resolve all problems politely and respectfully, and uphold Christian dignity in every situation.



Additional References*
*COVID-19 Health & Safety Requirements for 2021-2022 may affect protocols, procedures, and availability of programmes outlined in the documents below.

Parent and Family Handbook

St Augustine School Code of Conduct

Drop-off & Pick-up Traffic Safety Guidelines

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