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Help Us Finish Our School.

Holy Thursday our Grade 7 Class, under the direction of Ms. O’Hara, Mrs. Beggs, Mrs. Patzer, Mrs. Moffat and Mr. Arntzen, led the entire school community in a day of worship... more

This week we held our annual Advent student retreat. The afternoon begins with an assembly hosted by the grade 6 students. The assembly focuses on the history and traditions of the Advent Season...  more


Year after year, our parish and school community members give, in a spirit of gratitude and hope, to the School Building Fund. Last year, 98% of all school families made a donation or pledge to help us build our new school. This faithfulness is a testament to the generosity of our community and shows how much we value our children, teachers and staff, and the importance of Catholic education. Together, we donated almost $427,000 that will pay down the mortgage and move us into a stronger position towards completing the project.

I want to thank each of you, as donors and volunteers, for the quiet and consistent investment you make in our kids. On behalf of the entire Faith & Foundation committee, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Rob Napoli, Chair Fall Campaign

By December 22, St. Augustine School delivered countless items to and supported the Sancta Maria House, families in need, the Syrian Refugee Fund, and the Oblate Missions. What a fantastic and wonderful way to celebrate Christmas by continuing the mission of Jesus and the work of the Church! Thank you to all who so generously donated to our Advent Giving initiatives! As we begin this new year, we want to continue, as a faith community, to Care For Everyone in Our Common Home through acts of charity. Our post-Christmas work will involve the collection of non-perishable food items for the Food Bank through the months of January and into February. More details will follow, as we start 2018 thinking of others.

Here is the link to the photos from the evening: ADVENT EVENING OF SONG & PRAYER 2017. A special thank you to our photographer, Bien Matute.


From January 29 to February 2, it was a lot of fun observing all the "strange" alterations to our school uniform as the students brought in food items to support the Vancouver Food Bank and altered their uniform in return.

The community truly embraced the opportunity to help feed the hungry. We filled up 58 boxes and raised $1000! ... more


Our annual Valentine Thank You Tea provides the perfect opportunity for our students to thank their parents for all that they do for them. Students served coffee and treats to their parents and offered them a flower and card to show their love. The Tea also gives the parents time to gather with their friends and spend time together. We were delighted with the turn out ... more


St. Augustine's is currently seeking a part-time bookkeeper.

More information here...

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