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We’re making steady progress in completing the school’s third floor... more


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We all know the importance of reading and our Learning Commons was purposefully designed to support the literacy programs in the school. Reading with parents and taking part in family literacy activities at home is also a crucial part in supporting the development of our children’s reading and literacy skills... more

With all the winter snow this year the Grades Fours and Fives participated in a snowshoeing program at Mount Seymour. We enjoyed a beautiful crisp walking along the trails and playing games in our snowshoes. The students had a great time being physically active outdoors... more


Our annual Valentine Tea provides the perfect opportunity for our students to thank their parents for all that they do for them. Students served coffee and treats to their parents and offered them a flower and card to show their love. The Tea also gives the parents time... more


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Our faith calls us to see each person as the image and likeness of God and to treat others as we ourselves want to be treated.  On Tuesday, April 18th, the school community took part in an assembly and family group activity that focused on accepting others and celebrating diversity. The grade 7 students spoke about some of their different abilities... more

Each year the students take part in an all day retreat on Holy Thursday. The day is divided into sessions and each session has a school presentation and then a classroom activity. The presentations, which recount the life, trial and crucifixion of Jesus,are done through shadow plays with scripture narrations. As well, there are sung prayer responses, sacred movement and themed songs... more


Nearly 440 people packed the Hellenic Cultural Centre on Saturday night to celebrate our 16th Annual Pass the Torch event... more


Help Us Finish Our School.

Our Grades 4 to 7 students left Deep Cove for Camp Jubilee Tuesday morning for the week for our annual Outdoor Education experience. Click the link for photos of our fun-filled days: OUTDOOR EDUCATION 2017 PHOTOS.

Visit the photo link throughout the next days as we add more and more photos of our adventures daily this week!

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