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MAY 2020

St. Augustine School


Principal's Message

Dear St. Augustine Parents,


Our 50 days of Easter celebration continues as we begin the month of Mary. To extend our Easter celebration and this blessed month into your homes, may I suggest that you say a Hail Mary as part of your Grace Before Meals when you gather together as a family at the dinner table or encourage your children to include it in their daily prayers.

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I would like to express my gratitude for our entire community during this time of remote learning.  The grace and love and support and determination you have all shown through this trying first month of April can never be understated.  Thank you parents, students, teachers, education assistants, support staff, guardians, and caregivers!  You have been amazing!   We can only do this together.

On the virtual school front, the month of May is packed with many activities.  Track & Field season would regularly be in full swing, so Mrs. Erceg and Mrs. Patzer will have lots of physical and movement activities all lined up for you!  In a few weeks, the Grades  4, 5, 6 and 7 classes would have been attending our Outdoor Education program, and the primary classes would be having their own Mini-Camp at school!  We want, wherever possible, to be able to hold on to the things that would have ordinarily occurred this month.  Stay tuned as your teachers and staff continue to plan what this second month of remote learning will look like (see below).  


Happy Easter and wishing all mothers a very Happy Mothers’ Day, as well!  God bless!




Inspired by Father Andrew's work to keep mass accessible to parishioners on Sundays, we will be celebrating our first virtual school mass at 9:30am Wednesday, May 13. The mass will be streaming live on the parish's Facebook page.  All students are asked to wear their school uniform that day for mass.  If at all possible, all students are asked to attend the 9:00am Learning Block that day so that the whole class may transition into the mass together as a class.  Everyone is invited!


One of our primary goals and guiding principles in this time of remote and at-home learning is to find ways to remain connected.  Over the next two weeks, we will be implementing virtual theme days to build school spirit and give us all an energy boost, not only in each classroom but across classrooms in the community.  There's no reason to stop doing this just because our classrooms have shifted to remote learning.  We will have one day the first week and three days the second week of May.


As always through these challenging times, we want to be respectful and flexible and if your child is not able to participate, that is okay.  This is by invitation only.  

Friday, May 8

(wear blue, white, yellow)

Monday, May 11

to honor all the real-life heros out there helping others!

Wednesday, May 13

for our first virtual school mass

Friday, May 15

(wear blue, white, yellow)


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Friday, May 1 was National Physicians Day.  On behalf of our school, some of our Kindergarten students created beautiful works of art in honour of all the doctors, medical staff, frontline workers, and essential service workers, not only in our community but across all communities!  We are forever grateful for all you do!


Come join us every Sunday at 11:00am for mass live-streaming on the parish Facebook page.  


Last week, we just broke 100 attendees.  Let's see if we can double that number today.  There are 255 families in our school.


It's so important to stay spiritually connected during these unprecedented times.  Our teachers are bringing Christian education to their virtual classrooms, as you know.  I love that many families are sharing the prayers with which they start and end their school days. Let's spend another half hour of our week together, even if only virtually, as a faith community.  It's who we are after all.  


A tremendous thank you to Father Andrew and our friends at the parish who continue to make mass accessible to all.


See you at church!


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