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"I want to set an example that will never be forgotten." - Terry Fox

As has been tradition at St. Augustine School, our school community participated in its annual Terry Fox Run. The run this year occurred over a couple of days with classroom teachers celebrating Terry Fox’s life and achievements in their classrooms, followed by a run through Physical & Health Education classes. Thank you also to Ms. Erceg and Ms. Patzer and students from grades 5 to 7 who led our Terry Fox Assembly. All our students from Kindergarten to Grade 7 walked, jogged or ran to honor the memory of one of Canada's greatest heroes and to raise awareness for cancer research and for the fight against cancer. Students were asked to bring a $2 donation, and all proceeds went to the Terry Fox Foundation.

Enjoy photos or add to our shared photo album here: Terry Fox Run 2022 Parents who were present and took photos are welcome to add them to the shared album.

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