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Welcome to the Gatare family!

After a very long trip from Nairobi through Addis Ababa, Dublin, and Toronto the Gatare family arrived at Vancouver Airport at 6:00 p.m Tuesday, December 17. A good number of parishioners were able to welcome them and a few drove the family to their house in Surrey. They were exhausted, excited and overwhelmed by the generosity of all parishioners who were able to contribute in any way to furnishing their home and welcoming them warmly. For those who provided furniture, clothing, bikes, food and goodies- THANK YOU.

Of course this is just the beginning and they will need help over the next few months adjusting to our culture and weather. Please, keep them in your prayers as they begin getting settled in Canada and the search for meaningful employment. 

As you know, as a school community, our recent school Christmas Market raised over $2500 for the Parish Refugee Programme, and we are happy that the Gatare family is here and will be supported by these funds. We welcome the Gatares and we wish them all a blessed and Merry Christmas!

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