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HIP HOP 2023

Hip Hop at St. Augustine School

St. Augustine School welcomed back 1Vibe Productions into its Physical & Health Education classes over a period of a week and a half as part of a dance and movement unit for all grades. Each class learned a dance routine which the students then presented to the school and their parents. It was a celebration of multiple themes, and each class dressed and danced to various songs and styles. We are all so very proud of our students, not only for their incredible Hip Hop performances, but for their courage, confidence, and collaborative spirit to perform as a group in front of an audience! Well done!

A special thank you to Chermaine Wu and Raymond Chow for capturing these moments on camera. Many parents took photos at our assembly, and if you would like to contribute some to our shared album, you can do so here: SAS Hip Hop 2023 Photo Album.

You can also enjoy videos of the performances here: SAS Hip Hop 2023 Videos

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