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First Communion 2022

Congratulations to our Grade 2 students who celebrated their First Holy Communion May 7! It was a wonderful afternoon with family and friends. Thank you to Father Andrew and Father Robert for the beautiful mass, and a special thank you also to our school staff who helped welcome and serve as ushers at mass; they comprised the choir and also organized, prepared, and hosted the reception that followed. A shout out to Cream Pony, Ms. Finn's family business, for the delicious treats, as well!

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, and a wonderful celebration for all. Congratulations again to our children! May God bless them as they continue to journey and grow in their faith and continue the mission of Christ in their lives.

Thank you to our parent photographers, Bien Matute and Raymond Chow. Enjoy photos of the celebration here:

First Communion 2022 Shared Photo Album

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