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Prayer for a New School


Mary, Mother of Eternal Light,
Good Joseph Faithful and Just;
Jesus, Morning Star so Bright,
In You we put our trust.

On this day we praise and
thank You,
For the mighty works You do;
As we grow in faith and community,
In our school, all bright and new.




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Faith and Foundation Poster


What is Faith and Foundation?

Faith and Foundation is comprised of current and former school parents, teaching staff, and other parishioners committed to St. Augustine Parish’s efforts to build a new school.

Fundraising for the new school commenced in 2001 after a year-long review by the parish (known as Project Jubilee) under then-Pastor John Brioux, OMI. This resulted in a decision to replace the old school. In the following years, the parish leadership team adopted “Faith and Foundation” as a means of communicating the spiritual and physical cornerstones of this project.

The Faith and Foundation steering committee co-ordinates fundraising, communications and building initiatives; it also works to integrate these activities with the Parish’s broader goals. Faith and Foundation is accountable to our pastor, Father Andrew Stendzina, and the parish’s Finance Committee and Pastoral Council. Please see the members’ bios on the Team Players page.

The Faith and Foundation Logomark

The Faith and Foundation Logomark, displayed in the website masthead, was crafted to be a visual extension of the culture of the St. Augustine community. In one simple and recognizable emblem, we hope to invoke the notion of cornerstones, both physical and spiritual. These two interpretations of the logomark align with our Faith and Foundation name. Our faith, and our children's instruction in it, calls us to be cornerstones of Christianity, and our foundation, while physical bricks and mortar, is also borne of this same faith.

The bricks that make the foundation's corner reveal a cross, a tree, a leaf or a grain of wheat. While these subtle visual cues draw us visually to the core of our cause, it's the faith and the foundation brought daily to our children's teachings that should be recalled by our mark.

Fast Facts

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*Faith & Foundation Funds are held in a separate Parish/Archdiocesan account strictly for the purpose of building a new school at St. Augustine’s.


Fall Campaign 2016

Please click to view Video

A big heart-felt thank you to school families, parishioners and others who contributed to last year’s Fall Campaign in support of our new school. A remarkable $444,223 was raised.

This included the participation of nearly 90% of school families for a total of $292,470. Thank you to all of the class champions for their leadership in rallying the support of school families and for the families who gave such moving testimonies during the Fall Campaign.

We also thank parish families without children in the school who donated another $151,753. The partnership between school and non-school families in the parish has been central to our efforts since the project started in 2000.

Thank you for your generosity and commitment. You are sustaining Catholic education at St. Augustine’s for generations to come.


On behalf of the entire Faith & Foundation Team

Rob Napoli
Chair, Fall Campaign


Class Participation: 89%

Final Summary

Help Us Finish Our School.