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As has been tradition at St. Augustine School, our school community participated in its annual Terry Fox Run. Our Grade 4 class and their teachers Mrs. McFaul and Ms. Hoffman organized the run this year and lead an assembly during which Terry Fox’s life and achievements were presented. After the assembly, all our students from Kindergarten to Grade 7 walked, jogged or ran to honor the memory of one of... more


On Friday, Sept. 22, Ms. O'Hara hosted the annual grade 8 reunion. This is a wonderful time for students to reconnect after holidays and to tell stories of their first weeks in high school. Almost all of the grads were able to attend and everyone is doing positively well in their new educational situations.  

The reunion also included a PTT auction item that was purchased for the class... more


Last week, Father Bonga gave a presentation on his life as an Oblate priest. The main points of his presentation were to: love your parents, be grateful, be happy, know that everyone is a child of God, and be thankful for your teachers. I believe the two most important points are is to know that everyone is a child of God and to be grateful for all that we have. There is so much that we have and get to do... more


Our annual Walkathon was a big success. Thank you to all the parents that supported the event by walking with the classes, supervising check points, organising and preparing treats, transporting goods and counting money.
The money raised from this event will help us purchase some much needed equipment and and so we encourage everyone... more

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The Class of 2012 says
"Thank You" Video

Contact: office@staugustineschool.ca • tel: (604) 731-8024 • fax: (604) 739-1712 • Get a map

2154 W. 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC  V6K 0E3 Canada

Our wonderful school has had over 106 years brim-filled with young people that it is very proud to call ‘alumni’.  The goodness, honesty, hope, faith, determination, good-will and holy-humour that they have shared with us is a source of joy to their parents, to one another, and to the teaching and support staff of our school community...

read more in the F & F Fall Newsletter.


Read the latest Faith and Foundation Newsletter here.


The Grade Five class hosted a beautiful and solemn school assembly for Remembrance Day. With each student doing his/her part, an atmosphere
of reverence and respect was present in the room. The school
heard a brief history of the World Wars and the significance of
wearing a poppy. Those assembled observed a minute of
prayerful and contemplative silence... more


Our annual Halloween Carnival is a special day for children both young and old. The carnival gives our children the opportunity to have fun while raising money for the Holy Childhood Association.

Thank you to all the parents who came to run the activities and a big thank you to Mrs. Moffat and her team of teachers who organised the event.

Later in the Spring, there is a special mass... more

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