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Grade 7 - Term 2 Overview 2013-2014


Our class’ prayer time will continue to provide us with opportunity to learn new prayers and break open and discuss the word of God. This term we will focus on the Prayer for Reverence for Life and the Prayer to the Holy Spirit. As well, students will complete a weekly mass journal which helps them to make connections between Readings, the Gospel and their life. The topics that we will cover this term include: the Beatitudes, life in the early church, the church’s teachings on the sacredness of life, the Works of Mercy.

Although we do not yet know our date for Confirmation, we will probably begin a more formal and in depth preparation for the reception of the Sacrament sometime this term. Hopefully families are already working at home on the prayers and content outlined in the handout given at the parent retreat in the Fall.

Language Arts

The reading component of Languages Arts will focus on short stories and research materials. Our main resource will be the Crossroads anthology. This text includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry and media selections. In Social Studies, Science and Religion, the students will use library and internet resources for researching information.

Students will continue to write a variety of reflective, informative, persuasive, summative and descriptive pieces throughout all subject areas. The major focus will be to include details, examples and personal experiences to make connections and support and clarify ideas and opinions. They will also continue to work on clarifying and articulating their opinions and ideas during oral discussions throughout all subject areas. As well, formal and informal oral presentations will be part of the expectations in other subject areas.

Social Studies

The students will continue to develop their understanding of the life and times of the ancient civilizations. The focus in the second term is on the Ancient Egyptians and, in particular, their daily life, economy, government, and technology as well as their way of dealing with the effects of the environment.


The main resource will continue to be MathLinks. Please refer to the first term’s overview for the routines and expectations. The concepts and strategies being worked on include: positive and negative integers, patterns, variables, linear equations, the preservation of equality and the Cartesian plane.


The second term focuses the Processes of Science and Earth and Space Science. Some of the major areas of study will include: the composition of the Earth and continental plates, the rock cycle, and rapid and slow changes that occur to the earth’s surface by natural processes. I am planning for our Science topic to be used as our project for display on Learning Day. More specific information and criteria will be sent home as a separate handout.

Career and Health Education

Through discussions, activities and personal experiences, students will explore and develop their understanding of healthy life styles, moral decision making, personal potential, gender roles, media influences, appropriate ways of expressing feelings, making independent decisions and assuming responsibility for choices. As part of the healthy life styles unit, the students will work in small groups to create a menu, shop for supplies, prepare the food and clean up.


Visual Arts

Many of the learning outcomes for Art are dealt with as part of the work done in other subject areas. The importance of art in ancient cultures and images in history, as well as how to display work effectively and convey beliefs through images and colour, are some of the themes that will be studied through integration.



Our field trip to Victoria has been set for April 10th. Although this is not in the second term, early notice will allow parents to make plans so that they are able to join us for the trip.