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Grade 5 - Term 2 Overview 2013-2014


We will continue to explore our school theme, Walk Humbly with Our God, through daily prayer and the use of our text May We Be One. We hope many of you had the opportunity to read the children’s accounts of how they planned to walk humbly during the Advent season. They were posted on the bulletin board during the month of December. This term we will study the various parts, symbols and responses of the Mass in order to develop our understanding and appreciation of the Eucharist. Students will prepare for Easter through the season of Lent. We will lead a Lenten assembly, the date is to be confirmed.

Language Arts

This term we will continue with Adrienne Gear’s Writing Power approach to writing, that we explored throughout last term. We will complete a story on the digestive system that combines the students scientific understanding and their writing skills. We will be reading various novels this term. Students will use a variety of reading strategies and use literature circles to respond to and discuss the novel they are studying. We will also continue to use Cornerstones to supplement our reading along with their home reading programme. Students will learn how to note take and complete research for their learning fair projects. Students will present an “extra, extra read all about me”, poster about themselves as their turn arises. There will be an oral presentation component for learning fair and for social studies this term.

Social Studies

This term we will continue to learn about citizenship and what it means to be a member of a community.

Our next unit will highlight the three levels of government, the constitution, and how we elect representatives. We will conclude our study with a Grade Five class election. The students will form political parties, elect leaders and campaign on issues relating to school life. We will also have an in class workshop with Classroom Expeditions. We will set up a House of Commons and further explore Federal Government through interactive activities.


We will continue to work on the multiplication and division of whole numbers. Consolidation of math facts needs to be a goal for some students again this term. Problem solving will also be a continuous focus.

Also this term we will be learning about measurement, patterns and relations and will begin to look at fractions and decimals. We will be using Math Makes Sense as our main textbook for Math as well as Jump Math, and Math activity booklets created from a series called Math to the Max.


This term the children will be exploring the many systems of the human body. We will be learning about the digestive, skeletal, muscular, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems. They will learn about how they are interconnected. Students will complete a research project for learning fair on an assigned body system and caryy out experiments to enhance their learning.


Visual Arts

During term two, students will explore the art work of Lawren Harris. We will attend a workshop in the Vancouver Art Gallery in March to view his work. We will also explore the work of Kandinsky and Escher this term. Students will respond to their work through discussion, and by employing the techniques these artists demonstrate in their work.


Career and Health Education

Many aspects of the Career & Health Education program are integrated into the various other subjects, such as P.E., Religion, Science and Language Arts. Themes that will be explored this term include: the influence of media in our lives, positive role models and substance misuse prevention.