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Grade 3 - Term 2 Overview 2013-2014



Morning Prayer and sharing time will continue to be of importance each day. We will continue to look at Bible stories that deal with Jesus’ life and the liturgical seasons. The students will learn about parts of the Mass and be introduced to the skill of locating specific readings from
the Bible. We will also be studying I’m A Gift From God from God.

Language Arts:

The basic elements of paragraph writing will be introduced and reinforced; we will focus on creating an opening and concluding sentence and include supporting sentences. Students will use non-fiction materials and other resources to obtain information for their project. In writing, the main focus will be on summarizing what they have read and systematically organizing their ideas. Language, spelling and grammar skills are taught both formally and informally throughout their daily work. Students will be also introduced to handwriting.


Concepts to be covered this term include: learning and applying mental math strategies for addition and subtraction, estimation strategies, addition and subtraction up to 3 digit numbers and measurement. Problem solving strategies such as guess and check and illustrating will be developed.


The focus will be on “Earth and Space” with specific emphasis on the heavenly bodies of our Solar System. When studying the Earth, students will look at the unique properties that sustain life, the seasons and the rotation and revolution of the earth. Research and project work will be taught and students will work on an individual research projects.



Students will work on a variety of mapping activities. The skills being introduced include: the purpose of maps, reading and interpreting maps, drawing simple maps, reading and making symbols, understanding and creating legends and keys, identifying the cardinal points and following and giving directions.

Health and Career:

We will be looking at jobs and careers in the community and their importance. Guest speakers will be invited to share their careers with the class.

Visual Arts:

We will be doing a number of projects that explore a variety of art techniques and materials. We will also learn through famous artists and be inspired by some of their famous works.


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