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Grade 2 - Term 2 Overview 2013-2014


We begin with the season of Advent and focus on preparing our hearts for the birth of Jesus by doing good deeds. In the New Year we will concentrate on the preparation of our first sacrament of this school year, the sacrament of First Reconciliation. We will study scripture stories, learn the Act of Contrition, learn to examine our conscience, and understand the meaning of doing penance. We will also be studying the I Am A Gift from God program this term.

Language Arts:

We will continue to develop students’ listening, reading, and comprehension skills through our Guided Reading program. Our spelling program – Word Work – will continue to explore various vowels sounds, blends, and digraphs. Students will also be developing their drafting, writing, and editing skills in their journals, “Student of the Week” assignments, and various writing strategy focus lessons. Non-fiction writing skills will also be developed as they complete their research reports for our annual Learning Fair.


The units being covered include number facts to 99, solving addition and subtraction problems in variety of ways, linear measurements, area & perimeter, mass & capacity. Word problems will also be introduced as students learn the steps to locate the key information in order to solve the math problems. These math concepts will be taught through games, exploratory activities, concrete examples, and worksheets in order to make math fun and multi-modal.


The focus during this term is Properties of matter (solids, liquids, and gases). We will also do various experiments as students practice how to use the processes of science (predict, observe, explain).

Social Studies:

The main topic of study in Social Studies is “Mapping” this term. Students will be learning about the compass rose and how to use the cardinal directions to interpret maps. They will also be creating maps by creating symbols and legends.

Health and Career:

We will be looking at jobs and careers in the community and their importance. Guest speakers will be invited to share their careers to the class.

Visual Arts:

We will be doing a number of projects that explore a variety of art techniques and materials. We will also learn through famous artists and be inspired by some of their famous work.

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