Prayer for a New School

Mary, Mother of Eternal Light,
Good Joseph faithful and just,
Jesus morning star so bright,
In you we put our trust.

On this day
We ask most fervently,
As we place our need with you,
A home for faith and community,
A school all bright and new.




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Building the School in Phases

Click here to learn about this exciting new approach to the construction of our new school.

The Faith and Foundation Logomark

"Faith and Foundation" has a number of meanings for all of us. It goes well beyond the solid bricks and mortar foundation we will build, with all the safety and modern facilities our teachers and children need so badly. The need for a new name for the campaign caused us to examine what it is that compels everyone involved towards the goal.

The Faith and Foundation LogoMark, displayed in the website masthead, was crafted to be a visual extension of the culture of the St. Augustine community. In one simple and recognizable emblem, we hope to invoke the notion of cornerstones, both physical and spiritual. These two interpretations of the logomark align with our Faith and Foundation name. Our faith, and our children's instruction in it, calls us to be cornerstones of Christianity, and our foundation, while physical bricks and mortar, is also borne of this same faith.

The bricks that make the foundation's corner reveal a cross, a tree, a leaf or a grain of wheat. While these subtle visual cues draw us visually to the core of our cause, it's the faith and the foundation brought daily to our children's teachings that should be recalled by our mark.

Our current Foundation

Our school was built in 1951, and was intended as a temporary structure right from the start. The building is showing the signs of an older structure, and the standards that were in place in 1951 are not in keeping with today’s building codes.

Our current school building has a number of physical limitations that will, over time, prevent us from meeting the growing demand for good Catholic education.  There are issues related to poor classroom ventilation and insulation resulting in high utility costs. Other problems include sagging floors, low headroom at entrances, sub-standard exits, a non-sprinklered fire safety system, and inadequate parking with poor drop-off and pick-up zones.

We considered a renovation of the current structure, but we determined that the cost would be even higher than that of a new structure. And so, in 1998, the teachers, parishioners and community took on the task of replacing it with a new one, with the goal of opening the doors to a redesigned and revitalized St. Augustine School in 2011, to coincide with the parish’s 100th anniversary.

Here are just a few of the benefits this project will provide:

Our schedule, while aggressive, is possible with the participation, generosity and prayers of our parish. We hope to commence construction in the next 2 years. The plan for rebuilding the school will minimize disruption to students by allowing classes to continue during construction, ensuring safe playground space is available throughout.

The financial demands of this undertaking are significant. Since Archdiocesan policy requires that communities rebuilding existing schools must fund those projects themselves, our community must raise half the money for the project before we can seek approval from the Archdiocese of Vancouver. This approval will allow us to proceed with detailed architectural drawings, secure final estimates and proceed with planning for the completion of the school.

We are currently pursuing donors and other sources of revenue, and will continue these efforts until we reach our goal.

Please read the “Make a Donation” page and consider what you can do to help. It’s with the generosity of all, from groups and individuals, both young and old, donations large and small, that we have gotten this far. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, but we haven’t yet completed the journey.

Thanks to all who have shown great generosity. We appreciate your contributions so far and we hope you will find a way to continue your support. If you haven’t been able to make a donation as yet, please remember that time is of the essence. The sooner we can reach the half way point, the more we will be able to leverage our buying power, serving our children, their teachers and those who will come after us.

Please Make a Donation Today.

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*Faith and Foundation Funds are held in a separate Parish/Archdiocesan account strictly for the purpose of building a new school at St. Augustine’s.


Watch an animated walk through of the new school.